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      Affordable & Convenient Payments

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    About The Treatment

    Rhinoplasty surgery is the process of reshaping the uttermost part of this pyramid by taking all the details of it into consideration. The main purpose of this process is to reduce the nose in line with the face and aesthetic lines. Sometimes, this reduction is ensured by interventions to the nasal arch or sometimes to the tip of the nose and nostrils. During rhinoplasty, although the purpose is to have the best possible aesthetic result. It is also targeted simultaneously that the curves and the irregularities in the nose that restrict breathing are eliminated (septoplasty).

    Located in the middle of the face, the nose forms the extreme point of the face pyramid and makes it aesthetically important and functional due to its three-dimensional structure.

    The primary purpose of rhinoplasty surgery is to have a result parallel to the expectations and likes of the person. For this purpose, the Surgeon takes photographs of the patients who are interviewed preoperatively. He also creates different nose options by using simulation programs and shows them to the patients and plans the surgery according to the liking of the patient among these options. Here, the only important point is the fact that recovery is a dynamic process, and may show slight differences.

    Patients who decide to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery often focus only on their noses. In fact, this is a big mistake, and the correct thing is that the face is considered as a whole together with the nose. The agreement between each of the aesthetic units that are located in the face constitutes the golden rule of an attractive face. For this reason, sometimes, the surgeon simultaneously inject fat to the cheekbone, forehead, lip and nasolabial fold.


      1.5 - 2 hours ​


      Strongly Recommended

      General anaesthesia

    Post-operative Period

    Following the surgery, patients are taken to their rooms after they recover. In this period, different analgesics are administered; and the optimum comfort of patients is provided. The surgeon asks all patients stay in the hospital for one night, and discharges them on the following morning. After the 2nd day following the surgery, the surgeon removes the silicones in the nose, and also remove the nasal splints at the end of the 1st week. It is not common practice for the surgeon to apply a second splint.

    All patients can easily return to their normal lives at the end of the 1st week. The final shape of the nose may appear after approximately 3-6 months following the elimination of the oedema. Following the sedative, patients who have decreased tension and stress are taken to the surgery.

    Post-Surgical Aftercare

    For the fastest recovery and best results, it’s essential for you to take special care of your body in the first days and weeks after your surgery.

    You will be supplied with informative instructions and a comprehensive packet of post-operative utilities depending on the surgery you had.
    Be sure to follow these instructions to ensure a healthy recovery and eliminate potential risks.

    We provide all aftercare to the patients from all over the UK and Ireland. This includes Lymphatic Manual Drainage Massages, Wound Care Management, Seroma Aspirations, Drain Insertion & Removals and a full health check. We also offer IV Drip therapy for added immunity for patients who have returned from surgery.

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    Medicci Aesthetics opens its doors to you in Marylebone to a world of aesthetics treatments, post op aftercare, facials and more. For a VIP experience and a glowing complexion, Medicci Aesthetics is the answer.
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