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    About The Treatment

    Full Abdominoplasty is a solution for sagging in the abdominal area. Especially multiple births, too much weight gain, and weight loss, and genetic structure are the main causes of this deformity.

    Roughly, from outside to inside, the abdominal area consists of the skin, subcutaneous fat tissue, and the abdominal wall muscles. The outermost tissue of these layers is the skin and has the potential to tighten-loosen at a certain rate. Especially as a result of excessive weight gain and weight loss, each time, our skin widens and narrows again, and a little more loss occurs each time.

    After a while, no matter how much weight is lost, the skin cannot adapt to the underlying muscle tissue and tighten, and therefore sags. When sagging occurs, there is no return; and the intensity of sagging increases with the negative effect of the gravitational pull. On the other hand, pregnancies lead to the expansion of the muscles in the anterior abdominal wall, loosening in their connection with each other, and angles occur to the edges. As a result of this, the abdominal organs push the protective muscle and membrane layers before them more easily; and especially after eating, there is an abdominal image that shows significant swelling.

    The Aim of Full Abdominoplasty

    The basic target in abdominal stretching surgery is to remove the excess skin tissue; additionally, tightening of the anterior abdominal muscles is also applied to obtain a smoother abdominal appearance, and also to eliminate the possibility of a future hernia.

    In Full Abdominoplasty, the incisions are planned in the shortest size to remain in the underwear. In abdominal stretching surgeries, unlike the partial stretching, the belly button is reformed. The surgeon is combining liposuction with these surgeries because abdominal stretching surgery alone has not produced the desired results in recent years. In this way, the surgeon will create a thinner skin and waist curve.


      2 to 5 Hours ​


      Strongly Recommended

      General anaesthesia

    Post-Operative Period

    When you recover after the surgery, you will have a corset on your abdomen.
    The Surgeon often use drains for safety reasons in patients who undergo Abdominal Stretching Surgery, and he removes them on approximately the 3rd day.

    The biggest reason for patients who have hesitations for having Abdominal Stretching Surgery is the fear of experiencing pain and scars. Unlike the expectations, this surgery is not a type of surgery in which you will experience severe pain. In addition, the analgesics (painkillers) that will be applied post-operatively will relieve your complaints at a great deal. The fact that the scars can be hidden in the underwear. They can be minimized with the help of scar reduction precautions that will be used in the following period will prevent an uncomforting appearance.

    The surgeon discharges the patients who stay in the hospital one night after the surgery on the following day. As of the 4th day, you can take bath; and as of the 7th day, you can return to your normal life. In patients who undergo muscle tightening, it is important not to lift heavy objects and avoid intensive sports for 1 month after
    the surgery.

    Post-Surgical Aftercare

    For the fastest recovery and best results, it’s essential for you to take special care of your body in the first days and weeks after your surgery.

    You will be supplied with informative instructions and a comprehensive packet of post-operative utilities depending on the surgery you had.
    Be sure to follow these instructions to ensure a healthy recovery and eliminate potential risks.

    As for surgeries such as abdominoplasty aftercare is strongly recommended and it is advised to get some special (manual lymphatic drainage) massages as the prime choice.

    We provide all aftercare to the patients from all over the UK and Ireland. This includes Lymphatic Manual Drainage Massages, Wound Care Management, Seroma Aspirations, Drain Insertion & Removals and a full health check. We also offer IV Drip therapy for added immunity for patients who have returned from surgery.

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