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    Cosmetic Surgery - Brazilian Butt Lift with MEGA
    volume liposuction across 4 areas of waist, back and abdomen and Inner thigh in Turkey*

    This Package is inclusive of:
    • x5 days full stay in Hotel (breakfast included) Istanbul, Turkey. (you can upgrade to Half Board for £20 per night).
    • Hospital fees & medications.
    • Full post-operation aftercare in Turkey.
    • Overnight nurse visits to your hotel.
    • VIP airport transfers.
    • Garments & pillow provided.
    • Surgical certificate.
    • Bring a guest free of charge.
    • Out of hours emergency 24/7 helpline.
    • 10% off future surgical procedures & aesthetic treatments with Medicci Aesthetics.
    • 2 massages in Istanbul.

    *Additional area : £300 per area

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      Experienced Team

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      Latest Technology

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      Affordable & Convenient Payments

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      Understanding Your Goals

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      Travel To Turkey

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      Once you’re happy with the consultation, you can now go ahead, pay the deposit, secure the date, book your flights to Turkey and arrive for the procedure.

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      The Procedure

      See Immediate Results!

      To make the procedure more personal the Doctor frequently combines waist liposuction and butt aesthetic surgery to achieve a natural lift in your posterior. It only takes 2-5 hours under general anaesthesia with noticeable results right after the procedure.

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      The Aftercare

      Recover Faster

      We provide all aftercare to the patients that include Lymphatic Manual Drainage Massages, Wound Care Management, Seroma Aspirations, Drain Insertion & Removals and a full health check.

    About The Treatment

    In general, there are two main options for the treatment of patients who want to enlarge the butt or to correct the sagging. One of these options is injecting fat to the buttock, and the other option is to enlarge the buttock with the help of implants (silicone). In patients who opt to enlarge their buttock by fat injection, the fat tissues are harvested from the whole body with the help of liposuction and are prepared to be transferred immediately into the buttock to be enlarged by using cannulas.

    In patients who opt to receive buttock enlargement with implants, prostheses of proper size are placed in the pockets that are prepared with the help of an incision made from the coccyx area. Moreover, if there are local collapses or cellulite views in patients, fat injection applications together with superficial liposuction will help us achieve the desired results.

    As a personal approach, the Doctor frequently combines waist liposuction and butt aesthetic surgery. In this way, he experiences that it is possible to have a hollower and deeper waist curve, which is desired by most patients, and a more “outward” butt shape. In this way, you can reach your desired butt image, and you will get rid of the fat accumulations disturbing you.


      2 - 5 hours ​


      Strongly Recommended

      General anaesthesia

    Post-operative Period

    When you recover after the surgery, you will have a corset starting from the chest stretching down to your legs. For safety reasons, I often use drains in patients to whom prosthesis is applied in butt aesthetic surgery. They are removed approximately after the 2nd day post-surgery.

    Contrary to common expectations, butt aesthetic surgery is not a surgery after which you will experience serious pain. In addition, the post-operative analgesics (painkillers) will eliminate your complaints at a great deal. Patients are discharged the day after surgery to our nominated hotels opposite the hospital.

    After the 4th day, you can have a bath; and as of the 7th day, you can return to your normal activities of daily living. You may not sit without a BBL Pillow for up to 4 weeks post-surgery.

    Post-Surgical Aftercare

    For the fastest recovery and best results, it’s essential for you to take special care of your body in the first days and weeks after your surgery.

    You will be supplied with informative instructions and a comprehensive packet of post-operative utilities depending on the surgery you had.
    Be sure to follow these instructions to ensure a healthy recovery and eliminate potential risks. As for surgeries such as liposuction and BBL, aftercare is strongly recommended and it is advised to get some special (manual lymphatic drainage) massages as the prime choice.

    We provide all aftercare to the patients from all over the UK and Ireland. This includes Lymphatic Manual Drainage Massages, Wound Care Management, Seroma Aspirations, Drain Insertion & Removals and a full health check. We also offer IV Drip therapy for added immunity for patients who have returned from surgery.

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    Case Studies

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I bring someone with me to travel for free?

      All our customers can have a plus one free of charge.

    • How long does the whole procedure take?

      Depending on the individual’s case, a procedure can take from 2 to 5 hours.

    • Is the procedure painful?

      Contrary to popular belief, but aesthetic surgery is not a painful procedure. In addition, the post-operative painkillers will help alleviate the discomfort.

    • Is aftercare really necessary?

      Yes! Aftercare procedures ensure successful treatment with minimum risks. It also ensures that you recover fast without any complications.

    • I’ve had butt surgeries before, Can I still get the BBL?

      Yes! Regardless if you’ve had prior surgeries, you can still proceed with a BBL given that proper consultation is conducted with the physician.

    • Is Brazilian Butt Lift a safe procedure

      The Brazilian butt lift is a safe method of butt augmentation. Your own tissue is used to increase your butt size, making it natural. The chance of rejection or any other negative reaction is close to none. While there are slim chances of complications, they are much lower compared to other butt enlargement procedures.

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