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Medicci Aesthetics is a specialist Aesthetics clinic led by Dr Roya N Esfahani from one of the highest ranking prestigious universities in Canada.

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Medicci Aesthetics IV Vitamin Therapy

At Medicci Aesthetics, we are proud to continuously introduce you to the latest treatments. IV Vitamin Therapy ‘IVNT’ is the brainchild of leading Aesthetic Dr. Roya Esfahani, bringing a gold standard of IV nutritional therapy to our gorgeous clinics at Medicci Aesthetics.

Intravenous Nutritional Therapy is a huge business within the USA and Europe. Here in the UK, it is just taking off, as we see new treatment menus arriving in our Central London clinics.

Due to our fast pace of life, this amazing innovative and fast-acting treatment, quite common in the Middle Eastern Medicine, has taken the aesthetic world by storm. In the UK, unless you are hospitalised, it is not common to receive IV treatments for supplementation purposes at your own desire.

Medicci IV Vitamin products are for supplementation purposes only. It is NOT in any way meant as “Dietary Supplement”. IV supplementation should not be used as a substitute for a whole and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Medicci IV Vitamin products

  • Fat Burner IV

    Fat Burner IV

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    With a special formulated blend of nutrients and amino acids to help achieve your ideal body goals, reduce toxic load and help the body function effectively with digestion to aid burn off stubborn body fat.

  • Wellness IV

    Wellness IV

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    This classic special formulation of multivitamin cocktails includes a unique and sexy mixture of essential nutrients to help power your body & give you so much energy.

  • Sports EXTREME  Performance IV

    Sports EXTREME Performance IV

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    This IV treatment is ideal for those with an active or sporty lifestyle. This IV drip is packed full of energy boosting B vitamins, plus powerful amino acids to improve recovery time and enhance performance. This is one for the gym bunnies out there.

  • Skin Lightening  & Brightening IV

    Skin Lightening & Brightening IV

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    Also known as the China Doll Drip and Cinderella Drip, this high dosage Glutathione drip offers amazing skin lightening and brightening qualities, leaving you glowing from the inside out.

  • Anti-Aging IV

    Anti-Aging IV

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    Fortified with amino acids and active ingredients to repair the extracellular matrix and stimulate collagen growth naturally to restore youthful radiance and skin lightening.

  • B12 Booster Injection

    B12 Booster Injection

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    Feeling fatigued and exhausted? Our Energy Booster Shot will give you a natural boost of energy using Vitamin B12. Just one booster shot will result in an increase in energy and mental focus.

Medicci Aesthetics opens its doors to you in Marylebone to a world of aesthetics treatments, post op aftercare, facials & botox and more. For a VIP experience and a glowing complexion, Medicci Aesthetics is the answer.
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  • Dr Roya N. Esfahani
    Dr Roya N. Esfahani

    Medicci Aesthetics is founded and led by Dr Roya N Esfahani. She hails from one of the highest-ranking prestigious universities...

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