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    Medicci Aesthetics is UK's leading Aesthetics clinic that specializes in world-class dermatological treatments and beauty transformations.

    • Experienced Team

      Experienced Team

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      Latest Technology

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      Affordable & Convenient Payments

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    Our Treatment

    Hair loss is experienced by men and women, mostly as they age or even before, due to various factors that come with genetics, hormonal changes, or other medical conditions. Although most people try out over-the-counter products or wigs, the remedies cannot restore your hair or give a natural look you desire.

    As a solution for the hair loss problems, hair transplant has come into the market, giving a natural and reliable impact for those who want their hair back in the head. At Medicci Aesthetics, you can get a hair transplant treatment and completely eliminate the worry of hair loss.

    Unlike FUE, in follicular unit extraction, individual follicular units will be directly taken from the scalp. Usually, your surgeon will shave the back of your head to take individual follicles from the scalp skin. A series of tiny dot scars will be formed due to the extraction. The visibility of these scar dots is highly unlike. Similar to FUT, tiny holes will be created to graft the extracted follicles into your head.

    The process will be completed after covering the surgical site with gauze or bandages. If you are planning to undergo multiple FUE treatments you must ensure to have adequate donor hair to avoid thinning of hair in the donor area.


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    Medicci Aesthetics opens its doors to you in Marylebone to a world of aesthetics treatments, post op aftercare, facials and more. For a VIP experience and a glowing complexion, Medicci Aesthetics is the answer.
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