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      Affordable & Convenient Payments

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    Our Treatment

    Veneers, otherwise known as Hollywood Smile, is an ideal solution for all minor tooth imperfections. The process can benefit you with a perfect smile with a beautiful set of white teeth. Apart from the aesthetic aspects, dental veneers can also improve your oral functions and hygiene. At Medicci Aesthetics now you can fix your smile permanently through dental veneers.

    What Are Dental Veneers?

    Dental veneers are thin shells similar to your tooth color and are usually made of porcelain or composite resins. Veneers are used to treat chipped, uneven, broken, irregularly shaped, and discolored teeth. The shells are generally attached to the front part of your teeth, improving the appearance.

    You can get veneers depending on the number of chipped or broken teeth you have. However, most people opt to go for a set of veneers covering six to eight teeth in the front to acquire an even, symmetrical smile.

    The process will require three visits only for consultation, make veneers, and place them respectively. You can correct all the problematic teeth at once during the process. Typically a veneer can last for 7 to 15 years, depending on the circumstances.

    Process & Treatment

    Initially, your tooth will be prepared by reshaping the tooth surface where a small amount of enamel will be taken off from the front and the sides of the teeth to apply the veneers. This will allow your veneers to look more natural and similar to the other teeth present.

    Next, a tooth impression is made and sent to the laboratory to start preparing your veneer. The preparation will take several days or weeks, and you will be provided with temporary veneers to wear till then.

    Your final visit involves placing the prepared veneers on your teeth. Before application, a thorough oral cleansing will take place to ensure your mouth is free of harmful bacteria. A grinding tool will be used to create a rough texture on the tooth. The process will make it easier for veneers to stick with the tooth.

    Dental cement is used to bond the veneer to your tooth. Following the process, a UV light is applied to harden the cement quickly. Afterward, excess adhesive will be removed, and your bite will be checked, and you are good to go with your newly gained smile.

    Case Studies

    Medicci Aesthetics opens its doors to you in Marylebone to a world of aesthetics treatments, post op aftercare, facials and more. For a VIP experience and a glowing complexion, Medicci Aesthetics is the answer.
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