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    Our Treatment

    If you have experienced the unfortunate situation of losing every or a significant number of teeth, a dental implant can help you bring back your oral functions along with a beautiful smile. An implant can be the base for more natural-looking teeth as they surgically implant the metals to your jawbone below the gums.

    What are Dental Implants?

    People often lose a tooth due to dental caries, periodontal diseases, injuries, trauma, and other related conditions. A dental implant is an advanced surgical process that can be more efficient and effective than only using dentures or bridges.

    The root of your tooth is replaced here by placing metal fixtures and providing a strong foundation to put your prosthetic teeth. An implant can last for a lifetime with proper care and good oral hygiene practices.

    What Happens During The Process?

    At Medici Aesthetics, a comprehensive oral examination will take place to check the current state of your oral health and to prepare a personalized treatment plan for the implanting process. A thorough diagnosis will help to choose the most suitable implant option for your teeth condition.

    General anesthesia will be given before starting the process, including sedation to keep you calm throughout the procedure. If you have a damaged tooth or remains of a broken tooth, they need to be removed first, and the area should be cleared and cleaned.

    During the surgery, a cut will be placed to open your gum and expose the tooth bone. The bone will be drilled, creating holes to implant the metal posts. These posts serve as the root of the tooth and hence need to be implanted deeply.

    Once the metal posts are placed, your jawbone will grow again and unite with the surface of the implant. The growth can take from several weeks to months and will provide a solid base similar to that of your natural teeth.

    Next, the placement of the abutment needs to take place with another minor surgery. Here, the gum will be reopened to expose the dental implant, and the abutment will be attached accordingly. Another two weeks are required to heal before placing your prosthetic teeth to complete the process.

    Now it’s time for you to select your new artificial teeth. Impressions of your natural tooth will be taken here if you have existing teeth. You can use fixed or removable teeth, depending on your choice of selection. Once your jaw bone is strong enough, the artificial teeth will be placed accordingly.

    Medicci Aesthetics opens its doors to you in Marylebone to a world of aesthetics treatments, post op aftercare, facials and more. For a VIP experience and a glowing complexion, Medicci Aesthetics is the answer.
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